About Critical Shorts

A series of essays, articles and creative pieces. We promote independent writing of all kinds with the intention of providing a forum for debate and review around arts, culture and new technologies, including digital platforms.


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Federico Campagna Happy Precarity

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Dan Eastmond Traitors in the Digital Revolution


Critical Shorts is looking for submissions. Submissions for our Critical Shorts 2015 series may take any format, including but not limited to academic texts, journalistic articles, fictional writing and texts that engage creatively with the written medium.

We’re looking for writing that is engaging and readable for a wide audience. We’re also looking for work that is original and forward-thinking, provocative and inspiring.

Some of the central themes we’re interested in are given below, though we’re open to other ideas too.

  • Digital Futures
  • Post-internet culture
  • Contemporary aesthetics and philosophy
  • Psychiatry of connectivity
  • Strategies for disengaging
  • Privacy and disappearing
  • Creative writing
  • General arts practice and criticism
  • Technology and the arts