Critical Shorts Call for Work

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We’re looking for writing that is engaging and readable for a wide audience. We’re also looking for work that is original and forward-thinking, provocative and inspiring.


Some of the central themes we’re interested in are given below, though we’re open to other ideas too.


- Digital Futures
- Post-internet culture
- Contemporary aesthetics and philosophy
- Psychiatry of connectivity
- Strategies for disengaging
- Privacy and disappearing
- Creative writing
- General arts practice and criticism
- Technology and the arts




Stage 1


In the first instance, please send a short description of your idea (or abstract) for our team to read (250 words maximum), or links and/or video if you prefer; email to We’ll aim to get back to you within two weeks to let you know if we’d like you to send the full article.


Critical Shorts accommodates a variety of styles and media, so if your submission requires specific non-standard formatting, or if you would like to discuss multi-media formats, please contact us directly, on the email address above, to discuss your requirements.


Stage 2


If your proposal is accepted, we will write to you to confirm contractual details and a publishing schedule. Please submit articles of no more than 5000 words, or 10 A4 sides for unconventionally formatted submissions. Articles should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents in size 11pt Arial font, single spaced (unless agreed otherwise). Please note, Fireythings reserves the right not to publish articles if we deem them not be of sufficient quality, or if they do not conform to the guidelines above.




We provide promotion for published articles and sales through Amazon Kindle, as well as our social channels & selected retail partners. We are also currently making plans for a print compendium.


Copyright & Fees
Fireythings offers a competitive publishing agreement, splitting proceeds 50:50 with writers and retaining a non-exclusive license.


Submission Timetable
This submission process is a rolling one with no specific deadline date, so send us your ideas whenever you’re ready!


Who Are We?
Fireythings is a bespoke publishing platform with a focus on Art, Culture and new technologies. We’re owned and run by Firestation Arts & Culture, who also run Lemonade Gallery, Beat Magazine, Prime Studios & The Firestation Centre for Arts & Culture.

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