Firethings Oculus Channel Beta Release

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Fireythings dance on VR film still


We're very excited to announce the Fireythings Oculus channel has now been released to Beta users!


After months of devising with artists, shooting, commissioning soundtracks, and a fair amount of time building the app, you can now access our first two VR experiences, commissioned exclusively by Fireythings.


In Case is a mesmerising short dance piece, choreographed by the brilliant Wing Yue Leung. Wing dances around you and over you, in a hypnotic and taught dance piece that becomes ever more frantic.

Still form VR piece Interrogation

Interrogation is fantastically tense hostage scenario performed by Owl Young and Hesper Stratford. What have you done? What do they want? And will you make it out of here alive?


We have a handful of (very sought after!) beta invitations to give away to the first few people to get in touch.


Be amongst the first to get access to our ground breaking Fireythings Oculus channel. Apply using the short form below...


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