What Digital Futures?

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One Day Symposium | February 2013




Mark Fisher, Author of Capitalist Realism - @kpunk99

Ben Lear, Shift Magazine - @Ben_in_Manc

Bethan Michael, University of Bedfordshire - @bethan_michael

Cllr Henry Vann, Parys ward in Bedford - @Bedfordvann

Aaron Peters, Resonance Fm and Novara Media - @aaronjohnpeters

The Wine and Cheese Appreciation Society - @portandcheddar

Federico Campagna, Through Europe Collective - @FedCampagna

Prof. Monica Whitty, Leicester University


The last 30 years has seen an increase in our dependence on digital networks, altering how we work, how we spend our leisure time, how we consume and how we construct our relationships. Digital technology is often heralded as the harbinger of progressive change but what are the social, environmental and personal costs of a digital future? What environmental constraints exist that could limit the expansion of digital technologies? Can the internet really be decoupled from consumerism? What are the psycho/social implications of the internet?

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